LIANG, Gaoqi
My research focuses on the modelling and decision-making of the cyber physical social system, which includes smart grid, smart buildings, and their cyber-physical security; electricity market and its cyber-physical security; data quality and its assessment and improvement, and so forth.

Ph.D. Students

Industrial Economic Theory; Game Theory and Application; Operational Research
I Mainly research hybrid intelligence-based learning systems and decision-making methods, and the application of artificial intelligence technology in the Energy Internet. Research methods include deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, and reverse reinforcement learning. The research issues are the Electric Spring control, cooperative wind farm control, and electricity market bidding problems.
My current research interests include deep learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics in smart grid, and load modelling.
My current research interests include low-carbon electricity, sustainable finance, energy transition, and the electricity market.
The focus of my research is the AI algorithm and the application of AI in power system, including intelligent dispatching, optimization for wind farm.
My research interests include cyber security, state estimation, electricity market, energy economy, and machine learning related applications in smart grid.


WANG, Xinlei
Xinlei Wang’s research interests mainly focus on the economical analysis of the electricity market and carbon emission trading market. Now, she is researching on the environmental impacts of the policy design in guangdong’s ETS..
SI, Caomingzhe
The focus of my research is the application of AI in power system, including intelligent dispatching, urban intelligent distribution networks and intelligent buildings;the evaluation and improvement of power system and grid security,and so forth.